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AP Top News at 6:51 p.m. EDT

Clinton seeks to move past email woes in Democratic debate
LAS VEGAS (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton is entering Tuesday night's first Democratic debate a weakened front-runner, anxious to move past the controversy over her email practices and persuade voters she's the best-qualified candidate to lead the party to a third straight term in the White House. Clinton, the former secretary of state, faces her biggest challenge from Bernie Sanders, the rumpled independent senator from Vermont who has energized liberals with his call for a "political revolution." Much of the focus in the prime-time contest is sure to be on how they engage each other, given that they have gone long stretches in the campaign without even mentioning each other's names.

Dutch probe: Buk missile downed Malaysian jet in Ukraine
GILZE-RIJEN AIR BASE, Netherlands (AP) - The missile shot skyward from war-ravaged eastern Ukraine. With deadly accuracy more than six miles up, it detonated just in front of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner, sending hundreds of jagged steel shards ripping through its aluminum skin at up to 5,600 mph and shearing the cockpit from the rest of the plane. The two pilots and purser in the cockpit died instantly, and the Boeing 777 disintegrated and fell to earth, killing the rest of the 298 men, women and children aboard Flight 17 on July 17, 2014, Dutch investigators said Tuesday in a long-awaited report.

Palestinians assailants often leave behind ordinary lives
JERUSALEM (AP) - They lived ordinary lives with ordinary ambitions - an electrician saving up to get married, a fitness buff, a worker in a butcher shop, a teen with plans for study in Europe after high school. But then these young Palestinians seemingly snapped. According to police accounts, some of them disputed, they stabbed Israelis in "lone wolf" attacks. Motives often remain murky, but attacks have been escalating, with eight Israelis and 12 suspected assailants killed over the past month, many in Jerusalem. The violence comes amid growing Palestinian hopelessness, particularly in the Israeli-annexed Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Social media amplifies the anger and promotes revenge attacks as amateur videos make the rounds showing Israeli forces seemingly using excessive force, or angry bystanders cursing at wounded Palestinian assailants.

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