Monday, February 27, 2017
Aircraft: big, small and parachute-powered

They were all on display Saturday along with the Lea Regional Airport itself

Dorothy N. Fowler


At 8:15 a.m. a steady stream of cars, pickups and a vendor trailer or two traveled the Carlsbad Highway out of Hobbs, headed in the direction of the Lea County Regional Airport.

If the drivers of the cars expected to see planes fly in, land and fly out again, they were disappointed. Planes on display already were parked along both sides of the runway, most in bright sunshine that was beginning to heat the metal on the outer skin and on the controls that collected heat coming through windscreens.

Many people made their first stop the hangar where local businesses and a few government agencies set up shop to greet visitors and hand out goodies to put in the yellow and red bags distributed by New Mexico Aviation, which sponsored the Aviation Day and Fly-in.

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You could see love in Daddy’s worn hands

Dorothy Fowler


My father died on the monkey board of a drilling rig in Dawson County, near Lamesa, Texas, almost 50 years ago.

He was the victim of an accident that happened when some wire rope got loose on the floor of the rig and hit him across his upper thighs, leaving him with huge bruises. He refused to see a doctor for several days, going only when he began to have excruciating pain.

The physician he saw prescribed blood thinners to break up the bruises and a mild analgesic and Daddy went on to work. He worked several days before the blood thinner caused a clot to break loose, travel to his heart and kill him.

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