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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

School Dress Codes

Dress codes for Lea County Schools

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In order to promote a clear focus on education, The Eunice Public Schools herein establishes a dress code policy that provides dress and appearance requirements for is students. Students’ dress and appearance must be safe, clean, healthy, modest, respectful, and promote a positive image of our schools. Students dress and appearance must not be offensive, depict violence or gang-related signs, have a disruptive effect or bring criticism to our schools. The dress code policy applies to all students. In their roles as educational leaders, staff and faculty of the Eunice Public Schools will adhere to the dress code as a minimum standard.

It is the parents’ right and responsibility to send their children and young people to school ready to learn in appearance and apparel that promoted education.

Principal’s Authority — The principal will determine clothing, grooming, or attire not addressed in the policy, which creates a distraction to the educational process and may prohibit the clothing or attire for his or her campus. Adminisdtrators have the discretion to determine the appropriateness of dress and grooming and to make special exceptions, including for religious of medical necessities.

Head coverings — Except for religious reasons, caps of hats are not allowed in any school building. Bandanas, headbands, sweatbands, hair nets, head laces or beanies are prohibited on school property.

Hair — Hair must be neat, clean, well-groomed, and non-distractive, not obstruct the student’s vision, and worn in a manner that does not endanger the student.

Hair Color — Hair color must be non-distractive and be in a naturally-occuring color. Temporarily colored hair for school spirit activities is acceptable.

Facial Hair — Facial hair must be neat and trimmed at all times, and side burns are not to extend past the ear lobe.

Sunglasses — No subglasses are to be worn in any school building.

Contact Lenses — Nonprescriptive contact lenses are prohibited.

Make-up — Make-up must be sade, nondistractive and not impair a student’s vision.

Advertising — Clothing that advertisies or promotes merchandise which is not allowed on shool property is prohibited.

Offensive Clothing or Accessories — Clothing or accessories that avertise or depict association with gangs, satanic groups, or cults, tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, or drug; lew, offensive, vulgar or obscene writings or pictures is prohibited.

Ladies’ Blouses/Shirts/Tops — Blouses, shirts and tops will be sufficiently modest to cover the entire female chest area. Cleavage (a visible line) is prohibited. Clothing will be worn so as to prevent exposure of the skin or undergarment. No spandex, fishnet, tank top, off-shoulder, see-through, backless, crop-top, or one-strap shirts or blouses may be worn. Tube tops, tank tops, shirts with straps less than 2" in width, sleeveless shirts with low armpit openings, coarse knit, transparent and/or see-through garments are not allowed.

Gentlemen’s Shirts/Tops — The nexk opening on any shirt or top will not exceed the equivalent of the second button below the collar of a dress shirt. Clothing will be worn as to prevent exposire of the skin or undergarments. Low armpit openings are prohibited. Sleeveless sweaters must be worn with an undershirt.

Coats — Long coats whose length goes to or beneath knee level, commonly called "trench coats," are prohibited inside the school buildings.

Midriff — No skin should be exposed between uppoer and lowe garment. Articles of clothing must pass the "Midriff Home and School Dress Test."

Midriff Home and School Dress Test — In the midriff area, no skin will be exposed when the student sits, stands or when arms are raised to shoulder height.

Ladies’ Clothing — Skirts, shorts, split skirts, culottes and dresses must fit appropriately, reach the middle of the thigh, and be modest when sitting or standing. Spandex shorts, pants or leggings must be worn with an outer garment that reaches the middle of the thigh.

Gentlemens’ Clothing — Pants and shorts must fit appropriately and securely. Pant legs will not drag on the floor. Gang-related styles are prohibited. Pants or short must pass the "Baggy Pants Home and School Dress Test."

Baggy Pants Home and School Dress Test — Without touching pants and with arms extended away from the body, the student must walk very fast and jump several times. The pants must stay on, fit securely, and not expose and midriff skin area.

Shoes. Shoes must be safe, non-distractive, and stay securely on the foot in an emergency. Rubber shower flip-flops, shoes with cleats, house shoes and slippers are prohibited. Shoes must pass two "Shoe Home and School Dress Tests."

Home and School Dress Tests — While bending one leg at the kneee, the student will relax his/her foot and wiggle his/her shoe. If the shoe stays securely on the foot, the shoe passes the first test. Next the student must be able to keep full control of his/her shoes while performing at a fast walk, with turns, to simulate a fire drill or other emergency situation. The student must be able to maintain complete control of his/her shoes.

Chains, Collars and Spikes — Students may not wear chains which are designed to be worn on wallets, pants, or as dog collars, including collars with spikes.

Body Piercing — With the exception of earrings in the ear, visible body piercing is prohibited. Earrings must not jeopardize a students’ safety.

Tattoos — With the exception of temporary "spirit" tattoos, tattoos must be covered.

Electronic devices — Radios, CD players, cellphones, pagers and other electronic devices specified by the principal are prohibited in school.

Junior/Senior Prom Attire — For students and their dates attending Junior/Senior Prom, gentlement will wear suit and tie or tuxedos. Ladies will wear garments which will be formal, yet modest in keeping with the standards expected by the school and community. Those garments that expose midriff are not appropriate. The principal or class sponsor will determine the appropriateness of stated clothing.


It is the aim of the Hobbs Municipal Schools to have displayed to the public at all times a standard of morals, conduct, dress, attitudes, courtesy and friendliness on the part of the students which will be above reproach or criticism.

The public will judge our schools on the basis or any or all of these characteristics as found, or not found, in each student at all times. Therefore, in keeping with the above aim, the following appearance standards have been adopted for the Hobbs Municipal Schools.

Students are prohibited from coming barefoot to school.
All outer garments must be at a length of no more than four inches above the knee.
All outer garments must be hemmed.
Leggings may be worn under any legal length outer garment. Leggings may not be worn as pants.
Students are to be clean shaven at all times. Sideburns are not to extend past the ear lobe.
Oversized or baggy pants are not permitted. Pant legs must not be wider than 13 inches and will not drag the floor.
All pants are to be worn at the waist. Sagging is not permitted. All shorts or blouses if or sufficient length to be tucked in, will be tucked in.
The neck opening of any type shirt or blouse may not exceed the equivalent of the second button below the collar of a dress shirt or blouse.
Tattoos or skin stamps will not be exposed to public view.
Body piercing will not be allowed other than in the earlobes.

Students are not allowed to wear the following to school:

Bare midriff garments or halters.
Tube tops, tank tops, shirts with straps less than 2 inches wide, sleeveless shirts with low armpit openings, coarse knit, transparent or see-through garments.
Cut-offs, biker shorts, spandex shorts, boxer shorts, nylon/sports/soccer shorts, or other shorts considered to be appropriate.
Clothing or accessories that advertise or depict association with or pomotion of gangs, satanic groups, cults.
Clothing or accessories that advertise or promote tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or drugs.
Clothing or accessories with lewd, offensive, vulgar or obscene writings and/or pictures.
Headbands, hats, caps, head coverings, chains, lanyards (except those issued by the school), or similar items.
All wrist, neck or waistbands which have raised spikes or studs.


The students of Jal Schools are expected to dress properly and according to good taste. The dress of the students should enhance the dignity of the individual and the school.

All students shall be clean, neat and well-groomed.

Muscle shirts, tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps on tops or dresses, and fishnet shirts should not be worn to school. Clothin with offensive, obscene and/or suggestive pictures or writing or that advertise prohibited nuisances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco may not be worn.

Students may not wear short skirts of dresses which do not extend past the fingertips when the stident’s arms are entended by the side of her legs. There should be no skin exposed between upper and lower garments. No underclothing should be exposed. Top garments should not be cut so low at to be a distraction to the school environment.

Hair styles shall not in the opinion of the school administration cause a health or safety hazard or cause a disruption of the educational process. Mustaches, if worn, will be neatly trimmed. No beards.

Students may wear shorts, but they must extend past the fingertips when the student’s arms are extended by his/her legs. No spandex shorts or leggings may be worn unless covered by another garment. Cut-offs should not be worn unless they are cuffed. Pants or shorts with holes or rips in them should not be worn to school.

Walkman radios, tape players and pagers are not to be taken to the classrooms or used in the building. If such items are observed being used in the building, they will be confiscated and the student’s parent/guardian must come to the office to regain possession of the item.

No hats or head covering are allowed in the classroom.

Chains with dangle outside of the pants pocket should not loop more than six inches from the top of the pants.


Students are to be personally clean, neat and dressed appropriately. Your wearing apparel, hair-do, haircut, make-up or appearnace should be of the type that will not bring criticism to yourself or the school, or distract from the educational process.

Hats and caps are not to be worn in the classroom, library, cafeteria or assemblies. Hats or caps will not be worn backwards.

No clothing that is excessively sagging will be permitted. Clothing depicting vulgarities, slander, drugs shall not be worn.

Pants must be pulled up and no undergarments will be seen.

There will be no bare midriff. Clothing must cover the torso of the body. No spaghetti string or tank tops will be worn. There will be a minimum of 3 inches of fabric covering the shoulder area. No cleavage can show.

Shorts or skirts may be worn, the proper length to be determined by the finger tips being able to touch material not the bare leg.

Two earrings may be worn per ear. No other body pearcing will be allowed, boys or girls.

P.E. Clothing that is appropriate in the gym may not be suitable in the classroom. Dress code will be consistent in all areas of the school and will be enforced at all school activities. Violation will result in substitute clothing being provided by the district. Repeated violations may require administrative intervention.



Changes to dress code for the 06/07 school year:

Knives of any type will not be allowed to be carried at school unless cleared through the office.
Capri pants must reach below the knee when in a sitting position.
Cellphones are not allowed to be uysed in the building during the school day. Please be aware of the following:

FIrst offense: the phone will be taken up and student will be allowed to pick it up at the end of the school day. The discipline will be handled as a level three offense per the student code of conduct.

Second and subsequent offense: the phone will be taken up and a parent/guardian will be allowed to pick the phone up in the office and a $15 fine will be assessed. The discipline will be handled as a level three offense per the student code of conduct.



The Board recognizes that each student’s mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of personal style and individual preference.† The Board will not interfere with the right of students and their parents to make decisions regarding their appearance except when their choices affect the educational program of the schools or the health and safety of others.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop and enforce school regulations prohibiting student dress or grooming practices that:

Present a hazard to the health or safety of the student or to others in the school.

Materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program.

Cause excessive wear or damage to school property.

Prevent students from achieving their educational objectives.

Represent membership in a gang.

Obscene language or symbols, or symbols of sex, drugs, or alcohol on clothing are expressly prohibited.

The District recognizes that parents are basically responsible for their studentsí dress and general appearance.† Careful grooming and appropriate dress are important factors in developing a wholesome personality and in meeting the day-to-day challenge of life.† A student’s behavior is influenced by his or her dress and grooming.† Therefore, the following requirements for student dress in the secondary schools shall be based upon the following principles:

All Students:

Clothing shall be designed, constructed and worn in a manner that will not incite improper decorum in school and shall not be indecent nor suggestive.

The general appearance of the student and the student’s clothing shall not interfere with the instructional program.

Clothing and general appearance of the student shall not constitute a health or safety hazard.

Cleanliness of body and clothing shall be expected of all students.

The hair shall be clean and well groomed.† Modern hair styles and facial hair shall be permitted if extremes are avoided.

Shorts may be worn provided they are equal to or longer than the tip of the student’s longest finger as the student stands with relaxed shoulders.† Skin fitting, biker, or spandex shorts are not acceptable.† Cut-offs are not acceptable.

Clothing with vulgar or indecent slogans or pictures shall not be permitted.† Clothing that advertises or promotes merchandise which is not allowed on the school campus shall be prohibited.

Footwear shall be a part of regular attire.

For Girls: Dress or skirt length shall preclude indecent exposure when the student is sitting or standing, or when performing other normal school activities.† A suggested standard of length to follow is three inches (3″) above the top of the kneecap.† Strapless dresses are not to be worn during the school day unless covered by a jacket or top.† See-through blouses or low-cut sun dresses are not permitted.† A bare midriff is unacceptable.

For Boys: The neck opening on any type of shirt may not exceed the equivalent of the second button below the collar of a dress shirt.† Underwear, tank-top type shirts and see-through type shirts are not acceptable.† A bare midriff is unacceptable.

Failure of a student to meet the above requirements shall cause the school to refuse admittance or to remove the privilege of attendance until the requirements of Policy JICA and this regulation are met.

Headgear: Headgear is any type of head covering including hats, caps, scarves, hair nets, or bandanas.† Boys are not to wear caps or hats inside the building and must leave caps or hats in their lockers during the day.† They may retrieve them only at noon and after school.† If hats or caps are worn by boys during the day, they will be kept in the office until the principal or assistant principal returns them.† Girls may wear hats that are appropriate with their dress or pants, unless they cause a distraction.† Bandanas and hair nets are inappropriate and are not to be worn anywhere while a student is on the campus.

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