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Friday, 29 July, 2016
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For young and old alike

Lea County’s five major communities are each home to their own school systems, with Hobbs and Lovington accounting for the majority of students in the area.

Hobbs is home to New Mexico Junior College, a respected public institution that confers associate degrees, two-year credit courses and industry specific training.

Hobbs is also home to University of the Southwest, a private Christian-oriented college offering accredited four-year degrees.

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K-12 systems

Approximate Enrollment:
High School: 250
Jr. High: 220

Elementary: 384

Approximate Enrollment:
High School: 1500
Jr. High: 1925

Elementary: 5250

Approximate Enrollment:
High School:160
Jr. High:100

Approximate Enrollment:
High School:150
Jr. High:60

Approximate Enrollment: 620
High School: 500
Middle School: 500
Jr. High:500

Higher Education

New Mexico Junior College
Offers two-year degrees.

Approx. Enrollment: 3,000

University of the Southwest
Offers four-year degrees.
Approx Enrollment: 800


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