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Local Facts

Welcome to Lea County

Hobbs is a booming city on the plains of southeast New Mexico. Its abundant natural resources, level geography and perfect all-season weather have made it the home of both the state’s energy industry and the world’s gliding community.

With recent economic diversification bringing new stores, new homes and new industries to the area, residents of Hobbs and Lea County look forward to a stable, growing economic future. A racetrack and casino recently opened, and construction has begun on the multi-billion dollar National Enrichment Facility near Eunice.

Hobbs itself is a spacious city that benefits from low violent crime rates, an ongoing program of beautification and the presence of New Mexico Junior College, founded in the 1960s to provide equal opportunity of education for all local residents.

With roughly half of Lea County’s residents being of Hispanic origin, Hobbs’ restaurants, business and government services alike reflect the diversity of cultures and cuisines.

Local Facts

Lea county

Population 55,500 (2000)

Elevation 3,800 ft.

Size: 4,393 sq. m.

• Established 1917 from Eddy and Chaves Counties.


Population 28,500

Founded in 1910

• Largest city in Lea County

• State oil capital

• Home of Soaring Society

• Casino and Racetrack


Population 2,500

Founded 1909

• Named for founder’s daughter

• Future home of $1.8b plant


Population 9,500

Founded 1908

• County Seat

• Home of county fairground

• Historic courthouse


Population: 2,000

Founded 1910


Population: 600

Founded 1912

Seventy years after it was founded, it has become the center of a commercial zone of over 100,000 people, taking in shoppers and day trippers from the county seat in Lovington, the nearby town of Eunice, the villages of Tatum and Jal, and even Seminole in neighboring Gaines County, Texas.

Though Hobbs owes its existence to the oil industry, its increasing economic diversity has seen the arrival of major national store chains and the establishment of a racetrack and casino.

In 2003, Eunice was named as home for the high-tech, multi-billion dollar National Enrichment Facility.

Hobbs, with its endless skies and beautiful weather, is the world’s glider capital and has hosted the U.S.’s major annual gliding competitions for many years.

More than 300 days of sunshine, near-zero humidity and daytime temperatures in excess of 80 degrees for much of the year make Lea County’s climate both challenging and attractive. The climate is mild in winter, hot in summer and dry all-year round, with fresh westerlies blowing over the flatlands in spring.

The town’s industrial park, centered on a former World War II airbase, is also home to Harry McAdams park, the verdant Ocotillo Golf Course and the Soaring Society.

Within two hours are the major cities and international airports of Lubbock and Midland-Odessa; the intergalactic crashsite and bustling counter-culture of Roswell; and Carlsbad Caverns, home of the world’s largest known cave system.

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